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Ali Wins First Bout: David Iamele

The Turning Stone Casino Convention Center on the Oneida - Indian Nation in Verona, NY was jam-packed for fight night this past Friday evening (10/8). But it wasn't Razor Ruddock's one round demolition of over-the-hill Jose Ribalta that had the place packed with fans and over three times the usual media types. Most of the almost 3,000 people on hand were there to watch a woman boxer!? Not only that, but it was a woman boxer in her first bout ever - as an amateur or pro!? So what gives? Has woman's boxing become so hot that fans are turning out in droves to see a four round woman's bout? Well no, not exactly, unless your last name happens to be Ali. That's right, that Ali. As in, Muhammad Ali - the Greatest.

There was definite electricity in the air throughout the evening even as local pugs fought a few non-descript bouts before Lou Bizzard Jr. won a unanimous four round decision over Anthony Cobb (now 3 - 7) to up his record to 6 - 0. Calls of L-O-U rang out as his supporters were on hand to root on their local favorite. A recycled Nick Rupa did his part by ko'ing his stiff, Tony Ray Kern, out in one round to up his record to 32 - 6 - 1- 20 ko's.

When the ring announcer introduced the fighters at ring side, many on hand wondered if the most famous fighter alive in the world would be on hand to see his daughter's pro-debut. First former welterweight champ James "Buddy" McGirt was introduced and received a warm reception from the crowd, then local favorite, Carmen Basilio, former world welterweight & middleweight champion was introduced and received a long and loud standing ovation deserved of a man in his stature in and out of the ring. But when the ring announcer said, "next ladies and gentlemen, a man who needs no introduction. . ." the joint went nuts!! Everyone in the area was on their feet straining to catch a glimpse of the Greatest. Everyone chanting Ali - Ali - Ali. . .over and over. It took a while before order was restored and the bouts could continue.

When Laila Ali began her ring walk, again, the crowd chanted Ali - Ali - Ali. Less than a minute later, the bout was over. Laila Ali ko'd over moonlighting waitress, April Fowler. Total time, 31 seconds.

Admittedly, it is hard to judge a persons talent on a 1/2 minute glimpse, but Ali showed good skills with quick hands and feet. When she knocked Fowler to the canvas, she certainly looked like a chip-off-the-block as she stood over her fallen opponent fist cocked, face screwed up in a scowl.

Look out Christy Martin, Mia St. John, and Lucia Ryker, there's a new girl in town and her name is Ali.

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