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October 27, 1999

Saturday, 10/23/1999, Las Vegas, Nevada (USA), MGM Grand, America Presents, Showtime:

HEAVYWEIGHTS (6x3): Duncan dokiwari NIG WUD06 Augustin Corpus Dokiwari: 15-1/13 Corpus: ?

HEAVYWEIGHTS (10x3): David Tua NZL/USA WTKO02 Shane Sutcliffe CAN Tua: 35-1/30 Sutcliffe: 22-9-1/12

FEATHERWEIGHTS (10x3): Augie Sanchez USA WTKO06 (1:41) Daniel Jimenez PRI Sanchez: 24-1/21 Jimenez: 27-8-1/14

IBF SUPER FEATHERWEIGHT TITLE (12x3): Diego Corrales chal USA WKO07 (0:03) Roberto Garcia champ USA Corrales: 29-0/24 Garcia: 32-1/24

HEAVYWEIGHTS (10x3): The fight between Mike Tyson and Orlin Norris has been declared a no-contest after one round. Tyson: 46-3-1nc/40 Norris: 50-5-2nc/28

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