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Unknown Vester upsets Burton: Claus Jensen

(Aarhus, Denmark, June 25th)

In advance it seemed like totally unknown Allan Vester was way overmatched by IBF #4 ranked contender Emanuel Burton. As it turned out Burton decided to spend most of the fight making fun of Allan Vester and forgetting to actually hit him. That was Vester's chance. The dane showed brave and excellent counter attacking, but was still hit by some divebombs from Burton. However non of the fighters were ever seriously in trouble. I had Vester in front by only one point before the 12th and final round. Then something weird happened. With only a few seconds left Vester connected with a couple of soft punches and Burton fell to the canvas as if he had been shot dead. What is this ? Has he been paid to take a dive ? The crowd was stunned and in doubt. Was this the end ? Burton got up on the count of 10 and the referee waved the fight off, because the bell cannot save a fighter. Burton went to Vester's corner without looking hurt at all, and he raised Vester's arm to show the crowd who was the winner. Somehow this smells - but we are still awaiting comments from Emauel Burton himself. This was his first loss in

11 fights and he lost the IBF Intercontinental Juniorwelterweight belt he won by stopping british prospect Jonathan Thraxton in September 1998. This loss will probably also ruin his ranking as #4 by the IBF. However for Allan Vester it should fire him into the Top 10 and do everything for his career. He took his record to 11-0 (2 KO's), but he still needs a lot of hard work in the gym before he is ready for the big guys. IBF Champion in the Juniorwelterweight division is american Terron Millett and he is perhaps not the most feared champion. He was stopped in one round by Sharmba Mitchell back in 1996, but the way he stopped Vincent Phillips tells me that he will have no problem doing the same to Allan Vester.

In other bouts:
Hasan Al and Corey Johnson classed heads in the second round for the vacant IBF Intercontinental Welterweight title and the fight was announced a technical draw. A rematch will happen.

Michael Rask took his record to 10-0 by winning an 8 round decision against Silvio Peppino of Argentina. Ovans Oure Ashira took his record to 11-0 by beating Bahri Ahmeti of Germany.

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