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Results from Aalborg, Denmark
Claus Jensen

November 5th, 1999

Fights promoted by Team Vester (

WBA Continental Super Welterweight
Michael Rask W12 Howard Clarke (118-109, 118-109,117-109)
It wasn't a pretty boxing match but it was enough to please the crowd of an estimated 700 in Rask's home town. Clarke tried to box from a distance as he did against Fernando Vargas but Michael Rask continued to attack him and when he came in Clarke held on as well as he good. Rask was the busier fighter throwing an enormous amount of body shots. At the end of the day the more active fighter won even if the scores were to high in my opinion. I had it 116-112 for Rask. "I'm not the kind of guy who goes in and seeks the knockout. I try to were them down and that was the recipie tonight as well", said Rask after the fight. The dane lifts his record to 13-0 and he can now lean back and wait for confirmation that he will challenge WBC champion Castillejo in Spain on December 17th. An answer will come on monday. Should the fight happen it's difficult to see why Rask has qualified himself for this match, but then again you could say the same about the two challengers that Castillejo has faced since he won the title from Keith Mullings.

Hasan Al  D10 Sydney Msutu (96-95, 94-97, 95-95) Msutu was a slow starter but former European amateur champion Hasan Al also looked slow and very ordinary all the way through this fight. Msutsu's confidence rose as he saw that Al had nothing serious to offer and the south african finished strong winning the last four rounds on my card. A draw was fair - but if a winner should have been picked it wouldn't have been Al whose record is now 21-0-2.

Jesper Kristiansen W8 Joseph Akhasamba This was a cruiserweight rematch from earlier this year. The result was the same. Kristiansen was able to rock Akhasamba early but tired in the later rounds in which the african champion came rushing towards his opponent. However Kristiansen won the fight due to his longer reach and harder punches. Kristiansen's only defeat came against Alexander Jacob and his record is now 10-1 with 1 no contest.

Evans Ashira TKO4 Jason Hart It was all about surviving and therefore huging from brit Jason Hart and he might have Henry Akinwande as his rolemodel. In the end he couldn't keep "The African Warrior" from hitting him but didn't have any luck. Jason Hart decided not to come out to round 4. Let's quickly forget about this match. Ashira took his record to 14-0

Spend Abazi TKO4 David Kiilu Kiilu tried to run and jab but featherweight Spend Abazi closed him down and in the fourth and caught him in the corner. Kiilu got up - but was on shaky legs and the fight was stopped. Abazi is now 7-0.

Ingvardt Joergensen W4majority Ladislav Husarik (38-38, 40-36, 40-37) And ugly slugfeast featuring two boxers with little skills. Husarik is a notorious journeyman and despite his record of 5-23-1 coming into this match - he did well and perhaps could have deserved a draw. He landed some serious bombs with his wild swings. Instead it ended up with one of the usual hometown split decisions. Joergensen's future looks to be nowhere even if he has won his first 5.


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